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Australia's leading provider of business intelligence solutions to the golf industry


GolfInsight enables clubs to profile and understand their members, corporate clients and social golfers in a whole new way.  Turn raw data into valuable and meaningful information, enabling club managers and board members to make decisions that are genuinely fact-based rather than inspired by gut-feel or opinion. GolfInsight produces dynamic dashboard views of your business that can be used to develop new strategies and minimise costly misjudgements.



Customer Analytics

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  • Segment your customer database using demographic data, spend patterns or participation frequency

  • Identify and reward your most valuable members

  • Identify "at"risk" members

  • Calculate the value proposition for each and every member

Golf Analytics

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  • Leverage the value of your technology investment through our full interface to MiClub Golf.

  • Out of the box detailed analytics around the utilisation of your golf course.

  • Analyse competition play, social play, timesheet utilisation, booking behaviours, online transactions and pace of play statistics.

Retail Analytics

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  • Interrogate your retail trade with full price, margin and volume reporting across all departments, item categories and classes.

  • Tie point of sales transactions to individual customers to easily identify product preferences.

  • Use our powerful ‘what if” feature to road test retail strategies before you implement them.

Targeted Engagement

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  • Redefine your communication and marketing strategies to deliver news and offers that are tailored and relevant to your customer preferences

  • Drive member engagement and patronage of future events by easily identifying attendees at past events

  • Use our easy to export customer lists with other communication platforms to drive your targeted approach


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  • User driven, easy to navigate dashboards with state of the art visualisation capabilities at your fingertips

  • Create whole of business reports by combining, arranging and presenting information from multiple source systems

  • Easily configure financial statements in the order and format that makes sense to you, free of any source system reporting constraints


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  • Improved understanding of what has happened in the past means staff are better equipped to make value adding decisions in the future

  • Promote collaboration and teamwork across your organisation

  • Easily access the ‘what happened’ story, and redeploy resources to focus on the ‘why it happened’ and ‘what might happen’ stories to add value to your business

Business Control

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  • Technology – micro visibility over your source systems so as you can optimise data capture methods

  • Process – ensure you are implementing efficient, repeatable and robust processes across your business

  • People – train and empower staff to own the outcomes of their actions in the pursuit of business goals and objectives


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  • Cloud based Software as a Service delivery model means there is minimal impact on your technology environment.

  • Developed in a leading global business intelligence technology, Qlikview.

  • Unlock the hidden trends across your business using our high power, user driven business discovery application.

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